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Swiss Village Retirement Community recently made a donation of $10,000 to both the Berne Police Department and the Berne Fire Department. “The Swiss Village Community, as well as our surrounding Berne community, relies upon these organizations to keep us safe and secure,” said Swiss Village President/CEO, Rod Mason. “As a charitable non-profit we feel it is definitely our responsibility to ‘give back’ a token of our appreciation through contributions such as this.  As that status yields us to a tax-exempt status, we feel we should still share in the costs of the services these entities provide to our residents, employees and guests.  We extend our warmest words of appreciation for their excellence in service.” The Berne Fire Department will apply their donation toward the purchase of cleaning/drying equipment for turnout gear, and the Berne Police Department will apply their donation toward acquisition of additional IT equipment. Pictured left to right: Rod Mason, Swiss Village President/CEO; John Crider, Berne Fire Chief; Tim Taylor, Berne Chief of Police; and Kent Liechty, Swiss Village Board Chair.