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Outstanding Leadership- Non-management : Linda Langel

By May 22, 2017No Comments

As you approach the main dining hall of this facility you will be greeted by a smiling face of someone who is sincerely happy to see you. This individual will call you by name, seat you in your favorite spot, and provide you with your choice of beverage. You will be welcomed by this same individual on a daily basis and feel just as special each time you arrive.  This individual has dedicated her time, passion, and energy into providing residents with quality meal service for the past 40 years. As a dietary aide, waitress, and hostess, she has served and assisted residents with approximately 17,000 meal service times.

“This employee exemplifies all that it means to serve faithfully at the facility,” stated the VP of Human Resources. “She has played an important role in the lives of many residents over the past 40 years, greeting them for meals, providing their meal service with a smile, and always lending a listening ear. Her kindness, compassion, and commitment has had a positive and lasting impact on our residents and all who have had the pleasure of working with her over the years.”

Commitment means to be dedicated, devoted, loyal, and faithful. This definition truly describes this individual. It takes an entire team of dedicated employees at all levels to make a facility great. Everyone has to do their part. As the face of the dining room, this person has been doing her share for the past 40 years to make sure she is giving her all for the best of the facility without seeking recognition.

When reviewing this individual’s personnel file, you will find the following comments from her supervisor: Very familiar with the job tasks assigned. Takes pride in the work she does. Well versed in the various tasks she performs. Exhibits a cooperative attitude. A valued employee who puts the resident’s needs first. Does the best job she can for the residents. Always has a positive and friendly attitude. She knows the residents well and strives to fulfill their needs. Gets along well with other staff. She strives to keep her attendance perfect. She has been an asset to the department. Very familiar with the positions she works. She is a valued employee. Takes a high degree of interest in the task she performs. She has adapted well to new job assignments. She exhibits a good working relationship with the residents. She is a very dependable employee who knows her job assignments well. She strives to accommodate the resident’s wishes as often as possible. These comments only continue throughout her file of 40 years of employment.

“I have had the pleasure of working with this employee for 29 of her 40 years of employment,” stated the Assistant Director of Food Services. “She truly does have a special place in her heart for each of our residents. She shows respect, kindness, and dignity to each individual she comes into contact with throughout her day. She is a rare gem anyone would love to have as an employee! Many changes have occurred throughout the last 40 years in our facility, but the genuine care and respect she provides to our residents daily has never changed.”

One resident had this to say about this individual, “She is a wonderful hostess in the dining room. She has a warm smile on her face to greet us, and is very helpful as she gives us the details of the menu items. She is so friendly and always has a kind word to say to me.”

“I have really enjoyed working with this individual over the years,” stated a co-worker. “We have had a lot of laughs together. I can tell she really cares about her job. She also cares for our residents and is willing to help when needed. She always does her job very thoroughly and is a good example to her co-workers.”

“It is not unusual for this employee to ask ‘what can I do to help, or is there anything else I can do?’” stated the Director of Food Services. “This employee has been a dedicated asset to the team. She started working here right out of high school, and has worked a variety of jobs within the department. She is a very humble person who does not want recognition, but is very deserving of it.”

“She is the epitome of the perfect long-term care employee, dedicating her life to serving our residents, never expecting anything in return,” stated VP of Human Resources. “There is no one more deserving of this award.”