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Outstanding Leadership- Management: Deb Stevens

By May 22, 2017No Comments

“This individual does NOT have the word “no” as a part of her vocabulary!” stated the President/CEO.  “She is and always has been an ‘I can do that’ kind of a gal!  She is a motivator, she enjoys her work!  And even after having been on the job for all of these many years, she looks forward to each and every day that comes her way as a fresh opportunity to serve!  A servant leader at the core, she will tell you, first hand, how she loves each and every resident.  She will also tell you that she would not want to do anything else in this world than that which she is doing every day!”

Thirty years ago, this individual began her career at this facility and has shared with us her gifts and talents, which we are so grateful for. She started working in the housekeeping department and soon after transitioned to the healthcare actives department.  Currently she serves as the Director of Healthcare Activities. When asked what she loves about her job, she stated, “I can’t say enough about this place. I love the residents and the staff are awesome. They are my family and this is my home.”

“This individual has been a valuable member of our team for many years,” stated the VP of Healthcare Services. “She is passionate about her job.  She is always the first one to come in and last one to leave.  Because of her open-mindedness and willingness to implement new ideas, our activity department is prospering.  In this long term industry, it is important to find people you can count on. And she is definitely one of those reliable and hardworking people. We appreciate her leadership, dedication, and service very much.”

As Director of Activities, this individual has implemented outstanding activities and events for the residents. Many of which they look forward to each year. Her activities create opportunities to connect residents with the staff and their families. These events include the celebration of National Nursing Home Week, a Friendship Walk with community members, a Halloween trick or treat open to the community, as well as a variety of socials. Special luncheons are planned throughout the year too with themes to include Hawaii Day, Mexican Fiesta, and Elvis Day.

“I like the word games, spelling bees, and cooking demonstrations,” stated one resident. “I really enjoy getting my nails done, it is a nice thing to have someone do that for you. The Director of Activities does a great job in planning all of the activities here, she is a busy lady.”

“The activity department offers us a variety of things to do,” commented another resident. “I like playing euchre, bingo and word puzzles. The staff is always thinking of fun things for us to enjoy.”

This individual also utilizes the on-campus daycare to provide a range of activities that include both the residents and the children. “She has a true compassionate heart and a genuine understanding of the importance of combining the activities of the residents and children together,” stated the facility Child Daycare Director.  “She sees how the residents and children both benefit from the intergenerational activities and willingly incorporates these activities into her daily calendar.  She displays a sincere love for both the residents and the children that she interacts with each and everyday!”

This individual not only plans special events for the residents, she makes time to show application to her staff as well. “She knocks herself out making us feel appreciated and special during Healthcare Activity Professionals week every January,” Stated a member of her activities department.

One member on her team stated, “She is the best department supervisor anyone could have. She works hard to come up with interesting activity programming, and we love to observe her rapport with the residents. She is our supervisor, yes, but also one of us, never asking us to do anything she would not do herself. She is great at keeping all of us working together as a team and supporting one another, which makes our jobs go so much better even though it can be stressful at times. This individual has tons of compassion and truly has a servant heart toward her staff and residents.”

In her spare time when she is not working, she enjoys making cheesecakes, spending time with her five grandchildren, as well as time outdoors, and she love collecting cookbooks (she has over 500!).

“The residents simply adore her, her co-workers cannot have even a negative thought for her, and this CEO would love to clone her!” stated the President/CEO.  “While she would humbly feel undeserving, she truly deserves the recognition that this award would bring her, and we recommend her without hesitation!”