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LeadingAge Indiana Nominee Ruth Stetler and Becky Bryan

By May 15, 2016September 18th, 2018No Comments

2016 Award Nomination
Award Category: Outstanding Leadership- Non-management Excellence in the Workplace
Nominee Information: Front Desk Staff Team (Ruth Stetler and Becky Bryan) Title: Front Desk Staff



Whether you are walking into the doors of this community for the first time as a guest, family member, a longtime resident, or employee you will be immediately greeted by one of two friendly faces. This desk staff team does an outstanding job of providing excellent customer service. These two individuals are often the first face to face contact our guest have when they walk in the door. Their warm smiles make guests feel welcome and comfortable.
According to Wikipedia, customer service is often referred to when describing the culture of the organization. Good customer service can change the entire perception a customer hold towards the organization. These two individuals truly represent this community’s mission of providing quality services in a Christian environment to enhance life with dignity, meaning, and opportunities for growth.
“When you walk into the front door of any organization, you want to be immediately greeted by a warm and welcoming servant – one who gives you the impression that they will do anything in their power to care for your need right then and there,” stated the CEO/President. “You are the most important purpose behind their very existence at this moment in time! These two fine individuals have this art down to a science! The way in which they manage the front of the house makes you feel very confident that ‘all is well’ at the back of the house; that no matter what may be on your mind at the time, whether stress, anxiety or even disappointment, it will all be okay momentarily! They are just plain excellent at what they do, and we are quite fortunate to have them on our team. They are believers in the organization, and go out of their way to exhibit that very trait.”
Not only do these two individuals welcome our guests, they provide many services to our residents. They are often the ones who take compliments and complaints first hand. These two individuals have formed personal relationships with each of our residents. Residents often enjoy coming up to desk just to visit.
“They are just nice,” stated one resident. “They treat me with all kinds of respect. I can tease each one of them and we have fun. I enjoy my friendship with them.”
Another resident stated, “We talk about a lot of different things, family, life, and things of the past. I enjoy visiting with both of them. They do such a good job. If I need something, I know I can call them, and they will take care of whatever I need.”
“Over the three years that my parents have been residents at this community there have been dozens of times that I have interacted with the front desk staff,” stated a resident family member. “Whether it is a phone call or a personal visit and I need to connect with a staff member, the individual on duty always pleasantly helps me locate the person I need.”
This team truly makes the atmosphere of this community warm and inviting. Their service and dedication to the residents, families, employees, and guests makes this community a great place.