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Hurricane Relief

By September 11, 2017No Comments



To:           All Residents, Family Members, Employees, Community


From:      Rod Mason, President/CEO


Re:          Hurricane Relief


Date:       September 11, 2017



Many of you have watched, with hearts aching, the news reports over the last couple of weeks out of Texas, and then this past weekend out of the Caribbean and Florida.  I am sure that, like me, you have wondered what you could do to help/assist in any way.  We have seen the trucks being loaded for the trip to Houston…  huge hearts have already responded in such tremendous ways!  But the need is great, and we need to keep on giving… and giving.


Here at Swiss Village, we cannot feasibly load a truck of material items or tools, but we CAN respond with financial contributions.  As soon as Harvey hit, Swiss Village sent an immediate and meaningful contribution to assist with other peer organizations that provide similar care in that area that were impacted.  We may well do yet another such contribution for Florida.


But we can do more.  We are going to provide you with an opportunity to make a contribution towards the Hurricane Recovery efforts of Mennonite Disaster Service.  This is a very reputable agency whose soul mission is to aide Canada and American sites in need of Disaster Relief and recovery.  Physical rebuilding in very needy areas!  Check out their business at  While the trucks have already left, or are leaving shortly, with supplies…  the need for financial assistance will be great for quite some time!  This is a great way to help out those who are in need and through a very reputable agency.


If you have been looking for a worthy cause to support, please know that 100% of your contribution will be given toward the Relief efforts that you select!  100%!  In the days ahead, please bring your charitable contribution to any receptionist at the main front desk and we will see that it gets to the MDS headquarters.  If you need a receipt for your contribution, please make out your checks directly to Mennonite Disaster Service (NOT to Swiss Village), and in the MEMO line indicate “Hurricane Recovery”, and make certain your checks contain all of the necessary contact info for return of a receipt.  You may also, on that line, indicate Harvey and Irma, or one or the other if you prefer.  Cash contributions also can be given but will likely not be receipted, unless you provide name/address info.


Won’t you join us in this humanitarian effort of enormous proportion?  You will be blessed.  Please, at the very least, do remember to pray for all the victims of these latest storms and those that may yet be ahead.  Thank you!