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Jerry Sprunger
Resident Volunteer, Grounds & Maintenance Organization
Years of Service at Organization: Volunteer 4 years

This volunteer moved into this community almost 5 years ago. When he moved in, many thought he wasn’t ready to slow down yet. This volunteer may be a resident and 83-years-old, but he has endless energy and is always willing to step-up and help as he is able.

This volunteer’s passion is taking care of God’s creation outside. You can always find him with a rake, mower, tool, or plant in his hand. He is very knowledgeable about landscape maintenance. If he sees something that needs to be done, he takes care of it himself. Not only does he give of his time to this community, he volunteers within the local community using his gift for landscaping.

“He truly has a servant’s heart as he works to make this a more beautiful place for the residents who call this community home,” said this community’s Head Groundskeeper.

If there are weeds in the flower beds, he pulls them. If there is grass needing mowed or trimmed, he brings out his own lawn mower and trimmer to get the job done. If maintenance calls and says we need extra help, he comes right over. This volunteer is now in charge of maintaining the healthcare courtyard, which involves push mowing, so that residents in nursing care and memory care can have a beautiful outdoor space. His help upkeeping the grounds is invaluable to this community.

If he is not working outside, he is visiting our on-site daycare center where his great-grandchildren attend. This induvial, in his former career, served the local community as an elementary principal, so it is very fitting for him to enjoy spending time with the children in the daycare. He has a joy for life that is contagious, whether you are one or 100. His love and passion for life are evident to everyone he meets.

This individual does not see this as a volunteer job. This is something he enjoys doing and will continue to do as long as he is able. Moving in to a retirement community has not slowed this volunteer down one bit. If anything, he has found even more things to keep him busy throughout the year.