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Patricia (Patty) Habegger
Assistant Director of Food Service Organization
Years of Service at Organization: 30 years


There is not a day that goes by that this employee is not happy to be here. “I began working with this individual when I was in high school,” stated a co-worker. “She originally trained me, and now I work alongside of her. Her leadership skills are amazing. She is always willing to do anything for anyone, and help wherever needed. I know this person would not ask anyone to do a task that she is not willing to do herself.”

Thirty years ago, this individual began a career at this community working within the food services department. This individual started by washing pots and pans in 1988 and currently serves as the Assistant Director of Food Service.

“She is willing to come along side of you and help you,” stated a co-worker. “I have watched her show employees how to complete various tasks, and if it is something they are struggling with, she comes up with suggestions to make the tasks work. Her goal is to see her employees succeed. One of her best qualities is that she is so patient and giving of her time. There are a lot of things she does behind the scenes, and she has given so much to this community.”

Many individuals who work at this community started their first jobs in the food service department. This individual has trained countless employees. Today, 19 employees who were first trained in the food service department by this individual, are currently working either alongside her, or in other departments throughout the community.

This individual has a special place in her heart for the employees that work for her. She took a chance on a young man right out of high school with down syndrome. According to a family member of the young dietary employee, this individual became the young mans ‘job coach’. “She saw his potential and never doubted his abilities,” said this family member. “She showed other co-workers how to work with him. She had been his best cheerleader, best supporter, and a friend. She has made this ‘experiment’ a success. She makes all of her employees feel important and helps them all learn responsibility, job skills, and how to be a team player.”

“I had the pleasure of working under this supervisor in the Dietary department for 6 years while I was a high school and college student,” stated the facility’s VP of Human Resource Management. “Working for her, I quickly learned that she was a selfless leader, always putting others before herself. I am sure I speak for all her current and former employees when I say that there is truly no one more caring and genuine. In her 16 years working in management at this community, she has worked tirelessly to motivate, coach, and develop numerous individuals, always encouraging them to follow their dreams. She leads by example and is a great role model for all. It was a pleasure working for her while I was younger, and I now feel honored to be able to serve alongside her as part of the Swiss Village management team.”

One co-worker who has worked alongside this employee for thirty years stated, “This employee has worked tirelessly over the years training the young evening staff. She has been dependable and is always ready with a smile. Having worked with her for all these years, her commitment, her fun personality, her compassion for the residents and employees, has been a real pleasure. She makes this facility a better place.”

Not only has this individual dedicated her time and service to this community, she has also worked PRN for a respite care facility for the past twelve years. According to the Development Director of the respite care facility, “This individual is committed to serving others at work and in the larger community. She is very compassionate and caring. She attends to the needs of each respite guest with the same attention she would give to her own beloved family members. She embraces her gifts to help everyone she meets. She is respected and loved by those who work with her, as she inspires them to be their best self. She is always providing great input and positively relating to people, who are dependent upon her care. It is with sincere words that I would offer my recommendation to honor this individual.”

It is with great pleasure that this community nominate this individual for the Outstanding Leadership Management award by LeadingAge Indiana.